Formerly Emas Pet Hospital


Since 1953

Experienced Staff

Since 1953, we’ve been Lansdowne’s favorite veterinary practice. Our experienced veterinarians have a reputation over the years for personalized service and support for you and your pets.

Dental Services

Just like humans, your cat or dog needs to have its teeth cleaned and checked in order to avoid gum disease, pain, and tooth loss. Schedule an appointment for a cleaning and check-up, and help your pet maintain stronger teeth and better breath!

Advanced Imaging & Diagnostics

Our state of the art equipment and trained veterinary staff will get you accurate results and start on treatment right way. We can do tests like complete blood panels, feline leukemia, heart worm testing, and fecal testing on site.

Vaccines to Protect

Keep your pet safe from several debilitating diseases by getting their vaccines on a regular basis. We offer rabies, distemper, feline leukemia, bordetella, influenza, and lyme disease vaccines.

Surgical Services

As a responsible pet owner you know the importance of spaying and neutering. Rest assured your dog or cat is in good hands with our experienced veterinary surgeons. We also offer declawing services for our feline friends.

On-Site Veterinary Pharmacy

We keep a veterinary pharmacy on-site so that we’ll always have ample supplies of the medication your pet needs.